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[x-posted from Tumblr] LOVE LETTERS is a Boueibu gift exchange slated to reveal fanworks on White Day, March 14th! Sign ups are open anytime from now until Valentine’s day.

What is the LOVE LETTERS gift exchange?
You will create a fanwork (usually fic or art, but we’re open to cosplay, craft and anything else creative!) tailored to your assigned partner’s request and receive one tailored to your request in return. Since this is a Valentine’s/White Day exchange, we’ll be focusing on character relationships, platonic or romantic. As you might see in the sign-up form, you are allowed to request one or two characters and may also specify what sort of relationship you would like to see between them. Additionally, you may select up to three ‘love letters’, which are additional prompts which may be used to create a gift for you! You are not required to use the prompts, but we encourage it as it will probably make your recipient happier! You may use the A-Z list provided or think up your own; however, please keep prompts short and open eg ‘future!fic’ rather than ‘the five defense club members are sent ten years into the future where they realize the world has become an apocalyptic wasteland’.

Can I contact my recipient to ask for more information on their likes/dislikes?
We would like you to remain anonymous until posting date, but you are welcome to contact this blog either by an ask or message and we will act as your go-between!

How does posting work?
If your work is hosted on an external site, you can submit the link to the blog using the Submit form or via email (assuming you have listed your email as a method of contact on the sign up form). Please do not put up your gift until White Day rolls around in your time zone! Otherwise, please email or submit your work to the blog by March 12th so it can be formatted and queued. If you would like to post your work to your own Tumblr, please message the blog to sort out an arrangement. From March 14th, works will be posted at regular intervals depending on how many there are. I would like to participate, but am not sure if I have the time. If you only need a bit more time to finish, we may be able to work out an extension as posting only starts on Mar 14th, two days after the due date, and the queue will take some time to run through. In the worst case scenario, if you have to drop out we are looking for pinch-hitters who can help fill the gaps.

What is a pinch-hitter?
This is explained more in the sign-up form. If it looks like someone isn’t going to have a gift ready for them by White Day, we’ll ask the pinch hitters to step in to provide one. Pinch hitters should be willing to work on short notice, but we are flexible with what you sign up to pinch hit for - if you are only able to pinch hit for a certain character or genre, that’s absolutely fine.

I have additional questions…
Comment under the post, or inbox me directly! You can also contact the Tumblr by ask or message.
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