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Not long after I posted about the kintsuba from Kusatsu Onsen, I was in the local Asian grocery store and found sanshoku dango (tricolour dango), also known as hanami dango when they're eaten in cherry blossom season. Since the student council hair colours are an obvious match for the dango, I thought I'd post pictures of them here as well.

Pictures under the cut )

I ate mine with plain gunpowder green tea. They're certainly worth purchasing, if you happen to find them in a store!
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New community member here! I recently bought a copy of the Seifukubu manga -- the special edition with the post-canon chapter -- and have been rolling around in its goodness for the past few days. The art style is wonderful and expressive in ways you don't often see with tie-in media, and the whiplash contrast between the random ridiculousness (the banana peel plot! beribboned Zundar!) and the heart-rending revelations (oh poor darlings they're all so quietly broken inside) is everything I could have hoped for out of it. It's given me some potential fic ideas, though considering my low fannish output lately I think I might jinx myself if I start discussing them too freely. Regardless, I've been delighted by how much this series hits all of my trope buttons, and I'm looking forward to season 2.

That said, I'm trying to decide whether I want to buy the novelization, but unless it provides more background/personal information on the Battle Lovers themselves I'm not sure that I really have a burning need to import it. Does anyone who owns the novel want to weigh in on this?
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Co-author: Mostlikelytofangirl
Title: Going Digital
Rating: General audience
Pairing: The main cast are children in this, there will only be minor hints of pairs that may be shown in the future.
Characters: Main eight + Gora, Miss Beach and OCs.
Genre: Adventure.
Warnings: Violence
Summary: In the summer of that year, strange events occurred all over earth. The paddy fields in South-east Asia dried up from drought. Heavy rains flooded the Middle-East, and America suffered from freezing temperatures. For nine kids, these weather changes signaled the beginning of an adventure in an unknown world.

Story Link.


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