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Not long after I posted about the kintsuba from Kusatsu Onsen, I was in the local Asian grocery store and found sanshoku dango (tricolour dango), also known as hanami dango when they're eaten in cherry blossom season. Since the student council hair colours are an obvious match for the dango, I thought I'd post pictures of them here as well.

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I ate mine with plain gunpowder green tea. They're certainly worth purchasing, if you happen to find them in a store!
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I was lucky enough to spend several days in Kusatsu Onsen this past October, and one of the souvenirs I bought while I was there was a box of kintsuba, a Japanese sweet snack made with adzuki beans or bean paste coated in a thin batter. (Here's a sample recipe for it.) Since it's one of Kinshirou's preferred foods, from his namesake onsen, I thought I'd share a few pictures of it here!

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I had my kintsuba with a cup of lavender sencha, which helped to brighten up the heavy, grassy aroma of the sweet. I think the Student Council would approve!
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Title: Ghosts on a Late Autumn Night
Rating: G
Relationship: Kinugawa Atsushi & Kusatsu Kinshirou
Summary: One moonlit night in late autumn, at a small shrine halfway up a steep hill, two small boys had been frightened by a ghostly presence. Almost ten years later, the boys have returned to the same shrine, where they will find that the ghosts of their past may well be more than just the memories they have brought with them.
Notes: Written as an extra trick/treat for [ profile] Allekha for Trick or Treat 2016 ([community profile] trickortreatex). Set shortly after the end of Season 1, before the Student Council leaves to study abroad. (Also available at [personal profile] bookofgramarye.)

Ghosts on a Late Autumn Night (link)
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Title: Trick and treat.
Rating: T.
Pairings: Akorima, Ioryuu, Enatsu.
Characters: The main eight, minor OCs.
Warnings: Mentions of blood, some violence.
Summary: That neighborhood, full of mystic and magical creatures is the home of a witch, his cat familiar and their friends. As they welcome October and prepare for the most special day for that street, a new pair of neighbor arrive.

Link: AO3.


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