Feb. 26th, 2016

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Hello :D Since we have this nice comm set up, I thought I'd ask if anyone would be interested in Boueibu RP on Dreamwidth.

I have muses for Atsushi and En, and would love to play against any Boueibu characters. There aren't many to be found in DWRP, and all the ones I've seen are accounts people take out occasionally for memes, but don't have the time or inclination to devote lots of attention to.

In particular, an En for my Atsushi or vice versa would be beyond incredible. Getting something like that going, with or without shipping, would be a dream come true tbh. But honestly I'm down for almost anything, except like... ships outside the Kinatsuen umbrella and a few miscellaneous plot turnoffs. I'd just really like to RP with these two. It's like when you have a plot bunny for a fic and it won't leave you alone, except with RP.

If you've never RPed on DW (or LJ, IJ, &c) before, that's fine. It's easy to get into, probably easier than it looks, and I'll talk you through it if you want. If you make a strong case, I might consider going off-site, but I'm really most comfortable RPing here so you'll have to be very convincing :D

I can provide samples if you want to see how I play them, though the threads that aren't locked aren't terribly serious, since they're all either tfln memes (semi-crack text message format, basically, if you're not familiar with DWRP) or from [community profile] dear_player.

(I had no idea how to tag this so I just did my best OTL... Mods, please feel free to edit as necessary)


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