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How do I join the community?
You can click on the Join Community icon on the profile page or under the profile section in the sidebar. This will grant you permission to post to the community, as well as read members-only posts. You can find the Subscribe and Track buttons in the same place - subscribing to the community puts its posts on your Reading Page (aka Dashboard, aka Newsfeed), while clicking the Track button sends you notifications when the community updates.

Do I need a Dreamwidth account to join the community?
Anonymous commenting is on, so you don't need an account to join discussions and leave comments. However, there will be content accessible only to members, and you must be a member to post to the community. You need a Dreamwidth account to join the community as a member.

How can I find posts?
We have put together an extensive tag list which functions in a similar way to Tumblr's tagging system. There is also a calendar on the sidebar and an archive. To search for tag1 OR tag2, enter both tags separated by commas eg http://boueibu.dreamwidth.org/tag/tag1,tag2. To search for tag1 AND tag2 etc, add ?mode=all to the link.

How can I make posts?
There's a button at the top of the screen that reads 'Post to Community'. From there, it's all up to you! Please try to tag your posts appropriately - tag suggestions will show up as you type. In general, there are genre tags (eg anime/manga), character/ship tags, news/translation tags and trigger/squick tags. Don't worry if you're unsure how to tag your post as the moderators will be fixing things up periodically until we all get used to the system.

How can I find posts made by a certain user?
To find all the entries by just one user in the community, type http://boueibu.dreamwidth.org/?poster=username, replacing username with the name of the user whose posts you would like to see. This also works if you want to see all the posts made by yourself in the community.

Is there an app for mobile users?
Unfortunately, Dreamwidth does not yet have a mobile application. However, the mobile site should work fine, and you can add a shortcut app icon to your phone home screen by following the steps detailed here.
What's with the weird triangles in this post?
This is the Dreamwidth version of a cut, and can be used to hide spoilers as well as in a similar way to Tumblr's 'read more' cut function. You can click on the link to go to the full post OR click on the triangle to expand that particular cut where you are.

How do I add pictures in my post?
The issue is addressed more extensively here, but, basically, you can't upload pictures directly on DW (like you would do on Tumblr). What you can do, by clicking on the picture button you'll find in the rich text interface, is to paste the url of the picture which has to be previously uploaded to a picture hosting service, such as Photobucket

Find out more @ general DW related FAQs


I'm new; where do I start?
Firstly, welcome to the fandom and we hope you enjoy your time here! Please check out the Intro Post and associated links. You can always find the most important links in the sidebar, which may be at the bottom of the page if you're browsing on mobile. If you're a member, you'll have access to the Boueibu Resource List, which should serve as a decent compilation of official releases, as well as pointing out some of the other main fandom hubs.

I have more questions and they aren't here.
Feel free to drop us a comment on this post, or message the [personal profile] boueibu_mod account privately :)


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