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Not long after I posted about the kintsuba from Kusatsu Onsen, I was in the local Asian grocery store and found sanshoku dango (tricolour dango), also known as hanami dango when they're eaten in cherry blossom season. Since the student council hair colours are an obvious match for the dango, I thought I'd post pictures of them here as well.

The particular brand I found, which was in the freezer case. (Useful for storage -- they don't last very long once you thaw them.) Most dango are just the plain rice dumplings, but these had red bean paste inside them.

Inside the package were four sets of dango, dusted with potato flour to keep them from sticking to each other or the packaging. The white is plain mochi, the pink is tinted with food colouring, and the green is traditionally made with yomogi (mugwort) and has a faintly grassy taste.

I had a few bamboo skewers in the kitchen, so I speared three of them to show how they look on the stick.

And then after taking some bites to show the interior, with smooth red bean paste. I usually prefer chunkier paste, but it would have overwhelmed the overall smoothness of the dango.

I ate mine with plain gunpowder green tea. They're certainly worth purchasing, if you happen to find them in a store!


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