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[sticky entry] Sticky: Intro Post

Hello and welcome! This is a fan community for the Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE! anime. Please check out the following links - they'll help you get acquainted with the community and how it works :) You can also access the links at any time through the sidebar to the right (or down the bottom for thin screens).

Sanshoku dango (tricolour dango)

Not long after I posted about the kintsuba from Kusatsu Onsen, I was in the local Asian grocery store and found sanshoku dango (tricolour dango), also known as hanami dango when they're eaten in cherry blossom season. Since the student council hair colours are an obvious match for the dango, I thought I'd post pictures of them here as well.

Pictures under the cut )

I ate mine with plain gunpowder green tea. They're certainly worth purchasing, if you happen to find them in a store!

Kintsuba from Kusatsu Onsen

I was lucky enough to spend several days in Kusatsu Onsen this past October, and one of the souvenirs I bought while I was there was a box of kintsuba, a Japanese sweet snack made with adzuki beans or bean paste coated in a thin batter. (Here's a sample recipe for it.) Since it's one of Kinshirou's preferred foods, from his namesake onsen, I thought I'd share a few pictures of it here!

Pictures under the cut )

I had my kintsuba with a cup of lavender sencha, which helped to brighten up the heavy, grassy aroma of the sweet. I think the Student Council would approve!

FIC: Ghosts on a Late Autumn Night

Title: Ghosts on a Late Autumn Night
Rating: G
Relationship: Kinugawa Atsushi & Kusatsu Kinshirou
Summary: One moonlit night in late autumn, at a small shrine halfway up a steep hill, two small boys had been frightened by a ghostly presence. Almost ten years later, the boys have returned to the same shrine, where they will find that the ghosts of their past may well be more than just the memories they have brought with them.
Notes: Written as an extra trick/treat for [ profile] Allekha for Trick or Treat 2016 ([community profile] trickortreatex). Set shortly after the end of Season 1, before the Student Council leaves to study abroad. (Also available at [personal profile] bookofgramarye.)

Ghosts on a Late Autumn Night (link)
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Season 2 Thoughts! [Spoilers in comments]

Considering that I completely fell down on the job of having weekly discussion posts for the episodes, I figured that I ought to make a general series discussion post for all of S2! I have some thoughts that I'll post in a comment below once I feel more coherent and able to express myself beyond complete flailing, but please feel free to start other discussions in the comments as well!
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Episode discussions?

Now that S2 has started airing, it might be nice to have weekly posts for episode discussions and speculation, in a space that's a little easier to use when talking about spoilers. I'd be happy to make weekly posts for the episodes -- would anyone else be interested?

(no subject)

New community member here! I recently bought a copy of the Seifukubu manga -- the special edition with the post-canon chapter -- and have been rolling around in its goodness for the past few days. The art style is wonderful and expressive in ways you don't often see with tie-in media, and the whiplash contrast between the random ridiculousness (the banana peel plot! beribboned Zundar!) and the heart-rending revelations (oh poor darlings they're all so quietly broken inside) is everything I could have hoped for out of it. It's given me some potential fic ideas, though considering my low fannish output lately I think I might jinx myself if I start discussing them too freely. Regardless, I've been delighted by how much this series hits all of my trope buttons, and I'm looking forward to season 2.

That said, I'm trying to decide whether I want to buy the novelization, but unless it provides more background/personal information on the Battle Lovers themselves I'm not sure that I really have a burning need to import it. Does anyone who owns the novel want to weigh in on this?
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Hello :D Since we have this nice comm set up, I thought I'd ask if anyone would be interested in Boueibu RP on Dreamwidth.

I have muses for Atsushi and En, and would love to play against any Boueibu characters. There aren't many to be found in DWRP, and all the ones I've seen are accounts people take out occasionally for memes, but don't have the time or inclination to devote lots of attention to.

In particular, an En for my Atsushi or vice versa would be beyond incredible. Getting something like that going, with or without shipping, would be a dream come true tbh. But honestly I'm down for almost anything, except like... ships outside the Kinatsuen umbrella and a few miscellaneous plot turnoffs. I'd just really like to RP with these two. It's like when you have a plot bunny for a fic and it won't leave you alone, except with RP.

If you've never RPed on DW (or LJ, IJ, &c) before, that's fine. It's easy to get into, probably easier than it looks, and I'll talk you through it if you want. If you make a strong case, I might consider going off-site, but I'm really most comfortable RPing here so you'll have to be very convincing :D

I can provide samples if you want to see how I play them, though the threads that aren't locked aren't terribly serious, since they're all either tfln memes (semi-crack text message format, basically, if you're not familiar with DWRP) or from [community profile] dear_player.

(I had no idea how to tag this so I just did my best OTL... Mods, please feel free to edit as necessary)

Going Digital - full fic so far

Co-author: Mostlikelytofangirl
Title: Going Digital
Rating: General audience
Pairing: The main cast are children in this, there will only be minor hints of pairs that may be shown in the future.
Characters: Main eight + Gora, Miss Beach and OCs.
Genre: Adventure.
Warnings: Violence
Summary: In the summer of that year, strange events occurred all over earth. The paddy fields in South-east Asia dried up from drought. Heavy rains flooded the Middle-East, and America suffered from freezing temperatures. For nine kids, these weather changes signaled the beginning of an adventure in an unknown world.

Story Link.

Trick and treat - complete fic

Title: Trick and treat.
Rating: T.
Pairings: Akorima, Ioryuu, Enatsu.
Characters: The main eight, minor OCs.
Warnings: Mentions of blood, some violence.
Summary: That neighborhood, full of mystic and magical creatures is the home of a witch, his cat familiar and their friends. As they welcome October and prepare for the most special day for that street, a new pair of neighbor arrive.

Link: AO3.
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[personal profile] elucida2016-01-26 09:14 pm

Happy Birthday Yumoto! <3

Today marks Yumoto's birthday, who got special merch, with the main chibi drawn by talented artist, rrcon! Listed under the cut is the full sized picture plus samples of rrcon's other work for Boueibu~.

Tons of cute chibis, what are you waiting for?! )
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Boueibu First Color Draft

Because of its association with a vague tweet by Boueibu director, Shinji Takamatsu, this image is thought to be a possible season 2 teaser, but it's actually the first color production picture for the series. Click for actual tweet.  

Full sized image here~. )

In the Name of Love - full fic.

Title: In the name of love.
Rating: Teen and up.
Pairing: Ioryuu, enatsu, akorima, GoraxMiss Bara Beach.
Characters: Main eight + Gora, Miss Beach and OCs.
Genre: Angst, horror, romance, hurt/comfort
Warnings: Violence, disturbing themes and attempted noncon
Summary: It was all for a show, but how else could the people on Wombat's planet see which heirs lost their right to the throne? How else could the people on Wombat's decide on which knight to vote for the right to stand at the emperor's court?

Only now the current emperor has had enough. For too long he's been away from his home. So if that means personally 'preparing' the two final heirs, and make sure the knight gets proper training, then so be it. After all, it's all in the name of of love..

Story link.

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Unfortunately, Dreamwidth does not show all the tags for members unless they have been used. So, please take a look at how to search for and type your tags correctly for this community! Thank you so much! ^-^

If you have any questions about our tags or have an opinion on them, comment here please~.

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LOVE LETTERS - Boueibu Fan Exchange

[x-posted from Tumblr] LOVE LETTERS is a Boueibu gift exchange slated to reveal fanworks on White Day, March 14th! Sign ups are open anytime from now until Valentine’s day.


Example fanfiction post~

Title: Sleeping Beauty ch. 1
Rating: gen
Pairing: EnAtsu
Characters: (in this chapter) En Yufuin, Yumoto Hakone, Ryuu Zaou, Kinshiro Kusatsu, Ibushi Arima, Akoya Gero, a bunch of OCs
Genre: fantasy, fairytale, romance
Warnings: //
Links: AO3
Betareader: Lululeigh
Summary: It is widely known that the only thing that can defeat even the strongest and most terrible among all curses is - of course - the power of true love.

The Gifts for the Prince )
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Example Fanart Post~

Hello there! Just here to provide an example for fanart and other image based fan created material posting etiquette for those new to DreamWidth! 

Title: Akoya Bust
Media: Photoshop trial, Intuos 2
Time: Spread over about 2 days
Link: Tumblr; Pixiv

The full image is under this cut. ^-^ )